sábado, 20 de outubro de 2007

Love will tear us apart

As críticas a Control, biografia do vocalista dos Joy Division, Ian Curtis, estão aí e são óptimas notícias, para quem gosta de cinema, de música e de um casamento bonito entre os dois universos.
Is Control one of the best rock bios ever? It’s not exactly a subgenre filled with deathless artistry, so the answer is probably “yes.” But that would be damning this picture with faint praise. Control is, first and foremost, a terrific film about a complex human being.(Film Journal International)
But it's Corbijn, shooting with a poet's eye in a harshly stunning black-and-white, who cuts to the soul of Ian's life and music. You don't watch this movie, you live it. (Rolling Stone)
Ficamos, ansiosos, à espera.

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Verita disse...

"love will tear us apart"
... one of the biggest lies ever said... i don't believe it!